DRINKS Themed LARGE Mylar BALLOONS || ASST. Styles & sets

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High Quality ADULT Drink Themed  Mylar Balloons 


Material : Aluminum film / aluminum foil
Process : Printing
Balloon Type : Decorative Balloon
Shape : Cartoon Animal
Color : color


1. First find the balloon seal (the general balloon seal is composed of two layers of plastic paper), and the air nozzle
Stuffed between two layers of paper
2. Slowly insert the air nozzle into the sealing place 2-3cm, pinch the plastic paper with your fingers to close the air nozzle to prevent air leakage)
Slowly fill the air
3. When the balloon is almost 90% full (the balloon bulges slightly), reduce the inflation
Measure and slow down the inflation rate
4. Do not fill the gas too much, especially when it is used in a high temperature environment.
Pinch and seal

1. Please prepare a 20cm left stone straw before deflation, the diameter can be slightly thicker
2. Slowly insert the end of the straw into the seal until you can feel the gas spray out, squeeze gently
Press the sphere to expel the gas

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